Retro Calculator, DSLR and Game console cases for your iPhone 4

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The iPhone 4 is one of the gadgets that gets tons of interesting and unique makeovers. Here come three pretty interesting cases for the iPhone 4, which will turn it into a retro calculator, DSLR camera and game console respectively.

The Retro calculator case turns your iPhone 4 into a retro, big-button calculator. The case offers protection for your iPhone 4 and disguises it as a retro calculator that makes it less prone to theft. Although the case looks pretty much like a real calculator but we believe it does not offer any functionality of a real calculator.

The second iPhone 4 case disguises your iPhone 4 as a retro DSLR camera. It helps deceive your friends that your iPhone 4 is a camera instead of an iPhone. It’s great for photography fans but unfortunately it does not offer any functionality of a real DSLR camera.

Last but not least is the Retro Game Console iPhone 4 case, which turns your iPhone 4 in a retro Famicom game controller (or a lookalike) with great details. All these three retro cases can be had from USBFever for $23 USD each in the links below.

Retro calculator case

Retrio DSLR case

Retro game console case

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