LG dual-screen Android slider phone, Flip II surfaces

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Here comes a pretty interesting LG Android slider phone that packs dual screens. The handset is possibly called Flip II, it has a regular touchscreen display and a second touchscreen in the middle of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The secondary touchscreen on the keyboard offers eight shortcuts for apps and can be used to create a number of other custom shortcuts. As shown, the QWERTY keys are split on each side of the second screen in a layout for use by each thumb.

Other details of the hardware are still on the sparse side. The handset was revealed at an event in London for Orange and Kineto Wireless, which was meant for showing off Kineto smart WiFi solution that’s used in Orange signal boost tech.

This handset could just be a prototype at the moment as it was found that the two halves were not that stable. We’ll update you when we have more info of this handset surfaces later.

via slashgear

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