Schumacher Mi3 RC car outraces all your cars, with a top speed at 162 mph

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What an amazing RC car called the Schumacher Mi3 that’s able to reach a top speed of 161.76 mph. Apparently, the top speed of this remote controlled car is much faster than any cars that you’ve ever owned.

The Schumacher Mi3 RC car was built by Nic Case, having spent six months of effort and $4,000 USD to complete such a super fast RC car. It’s housed in a carbon fiber chassis and has an 11hp motor and a 12-cell battery pack that drive it up to the crazily fast speed.

A clip is included below showing the Mi3 set its top speed at the Rockingham Dragway. The Mi3 is shaped pretty much like a bullet train, which should travel in a straight line only. Thus, its remote should pack only two buttons – one for stopping it and one for firing it.

via technabob

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