IOGear Multi-link Bluetooth keyboard switchable between 6 different devices

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There is always a good reason that you need a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablets or smartphones, such as it can let you be more productive than working on the virtual touchscreen keyboard of your device. If you own a few smartphone or tablets, you may need to equip each of them with a Bluetooth keyboard, in order to type as quickly as usual.

If you have only one Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll always end up with the hassle of having to detach the Bluetooth keyboard from one device and pair it with another device.

Now, there is a Bluetooth keyboard that saves you cost from having to own several Bluetooh keyboards and also time from having to pair the keyboard with different devices. It’s the IOGear’s Multi-link Bluetooth keyboard, which promises to easily switch between six different devices.

This wireless keyboard offers a range of up to 30 feet and works with a number of devices including your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, iPad, game console and other devices that are Bluetooth-enabled and support the HID profile on iOS 4.0 or Android.

The keyboard comes in a compact size, measures 9.125 in. x 4.5 in. and weighs 0.35 pounds. It’s equipped with a couple of hot keys for quick access to some functions on certain devices such as the home button of an iPad and dedicated keys for Windows Media Center.

It provides a nice key structure, offering exact and quiet keystrokes. It comes included with a cloth travel pouch for protection and ease of carrying around and is available now for $100 each.


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