Personal rocket is real and completes first successful test

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Years ago, there was a concept proposed by Copenhagen Suborbitals for building a personal space capsule, with the ambition of wanting everyone to have a chance of space traveling. Now the concept has been made real, a personal rocket is presented to us here called the HEAT-1X, home-built by Copenhagen Suborbitals, costing around $70K USD.

As shown in the pictures, the HEAT-1X rocket is a personal rocket having a little room for you to stand in it. And your head will rest at the nose cone of the rocket, which has a window letting you have clear space view, while you’re traveling in the space.

The personal rocket has gone for a number of tests. The first test was a year ago but was scrapped due to a malfunctioning hairdryer used as a heater inside the rocket. Now, what’s shown here in the video below, was their second test on Friday. And it was a success. The test was carried out on the Baltic Sea and the rocket was successfully launched from its launch pad. Everything had gone well as planned except its parachute which did not fully open.

At the moment, this personal rocket still have lots of rooms for improvement. Apparently, it has no capsule, it’s just a personal-sized tube with a window on the nosecone of the rocket. More safety measures are really needed in order for this rocket to come into practical use.

It’s definitely a challenge of how daring you’re to risk your life for such a space traveling in this single-person rocket. I guess traveling alone in the dark, cold space is nothing more than just the terrifying feeling. Anyway, watch the clip below, applauding the first successful launch of the Danish personal rocket.


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