Simultaneous Interpretation System, a real-time speech to speech translator

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Now, you do not have to spend years to learn other languages, and the professional translators may soon be out of job. As there is a real time that will soon be available for you and me.

The translator is called Simultaneous Interpretation System, which is currently being developed by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. The device is able to translate word by word of your speech into another language in real time. The translator is definitely handy and eliminates language barriers for frequent travelers, business users or anyone who frequently cross borders of countries.

The device uses a mixture of cloud-based services to recognize your words, translate them and turns them into speech of another language.

The real-time translator has been demoed by DoCoMo in Wireless Japan 2011, showing promising results. But the voice recognition part is still little far from perfection. So, DoCoMo still has some work ahead to tweak the voice recognition capability of the device to perfection. But the company has decided to release it before it reaches perfection, so many folks are able to enjoy its convenience.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that such a technology will be incorporated into future smartphones, so users on the go can simply use their smartphones for real-time speech to speech translation to eliminate language barriers.

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