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iPhone 5 will come with curved cover glass?

We’re still unsure whether the next-gen iPhone will be called iPhone 4S or just iPhone 5. Anyway, there is some news here about the design of the next-gen iPhone i.e. it would come with generally similar form factor to the iPhone 4′s, but with slight modifications. And it will come with a curved cover glass.

According to Digitimes, some industry sources indicate that Apple will adopt curved glass for the next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5. Some more, Apple has purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers, as those glass makers are reluctant to invest on the machines due to high capital involved.

Apple is still working with related suppliers to iron out a number of issues, including those involved in cover glass, glass cutting and the touch sensors. Thus, there has been no timetable yet for the production of the iPhone 5.

Currently, it’s unclear what type of curved display to be used on the iPhone 5. The image shown above is an iPod Nano that has a curved glass screen, which should give you some idea how an iPhone 5 with curved display would look like.

via macrumors image: dailymail

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