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LG B – the thinnest Android smartphone

LG has an Android smartphone which is simply codenamed as LG B and claimed to be the thinnest Android smartphone ever. The LG B is even thinner than the iPhone 4, which was announced as the thinnest smartphone by Steve Jobs back in June during their official announcement.

Now, LG B is the new winner of the thinnest smart phone. The handset has not been officially announced yet but there are some photos available showing the side by side comparison of the handset with an Apple iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S.

The LG B handset could also be mistaken for the newly announced first dual-core Android phone, the LG Optimus 2X but they’re actually two different handsets. The LG B would likely pack a 4 inch WVGA ISP LCD that’s brighter than the iPhone 4′s and Samsung Galaxy S’ displays. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and this is the very little info we have at the moment. The LG B will be very likely to be shown at CES 2011. There is no word about its pricing and availability currently.

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