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TokyoFlash Optical Illusion LED Watch concept is both eye and brain killing

TokyoFlash have been better known for their mind-confusing LED watches which usually need more of your mind power to interpret the actual time displayed. But their latest concept watch, the Optical Illusion LED Watch seems to be working differently from those models we’ve seen in the past, which requires no calculations and no memorization of symbols etc.

Although it’s claimed to be more straightforward of telling time but the kind of line patterns shown on its watch face really took me quite sometime to figure out on what the watch is trying to tell. You have to tell the differences between lines and figure out the the outline of the numbers that they form. It’s kind of killing your eyesight, if you stay focused on it for a while.

Fortunately, the watch has a button which needs just a press to show its time in big digits. Try it out yourself in the magnified display of the watch below. I bet you’ll fail to tell the digits it represents and get little dizzy after staring on it for a few minutes.

via technabob

2 Responses to “TokyoFlash Optical Illusion LED Watch concept is both eye and brain killing”

  1. 1
    Alex Ion Says:

    How in the world can they come up with something like that? It literally kills your eyes …

    However, and maybe that’s why, it’s a fact that it gets attention, eh?

  2. 2
    TokyoFlash Kisai Wasted LED watch Says:

    [...] is well known for its confusing watches. They’ve just added a new LED watch in its line, which is called the Kisai Wasted LED watch. The Kisai Wasted watch is available in [...]

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