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Sanitizer uses Plasma TV technology to effectively kill germs

Hospitals are full of germs, simply using soap and water to clean the hands is not effective and a waste of time. A plasma box is being developed by researchers, which uses the same luminous gas found in plasma TV, neon signs etc to effectively zap germs away.

The little plasma sanitizer works under normal room temperature and pressure, which can zap lots of germs including the drug-resistive supergerm MRSA. The plasma box only costs less than $100 to build. Now, the researchers have developed a number of prototypes. The plasma technology is claimed to be effective to kill not only bacteria but also viruses and fungi.

The device has been tested on hands and feet. Such as it was tested to have effectively killed germs on athlete‚Äôs foot with socks taken off. It’ll take longer (25 seconds) to disinfect with socks on.

via gadgettell nytimes

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