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IR filter adds X-ray see-through capability to cellphone camera

Ideal Creations has showed off a quarter-sized filter at CES, which can be added to the camera of your cellphone, to allow it to have X-ray vision of seeing through thin fabric. You just need to affix the little IR filter to the cellphone camera lens and it filters out most of the visible light spectrum except the Infrared light.

The IR filter works on cellphone as cellphone camera uses low-end CDD which does not filter out Infrared, but it’d not work on high-end cameras which normally filter out the Infrared light.

The cellphone with this IR filter could be useful for a quick snapshot on your pals or colleagues whether they’ve snatched the snacks and hidden them under their clothing. Of course, it’ll be the best tool to reveal the “secrets” under the clothing of a person that you’re interested in. Watch the clip below to find out more yourself. It’s safe for work!

Buy online, $15 + $5 shipping

Idealcreations via gearlog

2 Responses to “IR filter adds X-ray see-through capability to cellphone camera”

  1. 1
    Apple Tablet Says:

    Interesting device. I can see possible security benefits with this device. I have a feeling it will be a big hit with teens and perverts.

  2. 2
    iPad 2′s camera boasts X-ray effect, lets you see through clothes Says:

    [...] will actually record in infrared instead of visible light. Some of these camcorders generate an X-ray effect, allowing the viewer to see through the clothes of the person being [...]

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