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Vstone Robovie-PC robot has Intel Atom inside

Vstone robovie computer robot
The Vstone Robovie-PC robot has almost every component found in a computer, like a netbook, has an Intel Atom processor inside. The use of an Intel Atom and other components of a computer allows the robot to be easily programmable.

Hobbyists can develop or alter the application software for this robot. You can code the software on a computer, make some changes and then download to the robot for testing. This Vstone Robovie-PC comes with almost everything found in a computer ioncluding the 1.6GHz Z530 Atom processor, 1.3 magepixel webcam, dual USB ports, a VGA connector and it supports WiFi some more. The WiFi connectivity should come in handy for you to download any new code onto it via the wireless network.

Since this mini robot is like a complete computer, it also runs Windows or Linux as the operating system. And it offers easiness to achieve advanced functionality. The Vstone Robovie Robot can also be directed by the user to go around and take pictures using its webcam and upload the pictures automatically to photo sharing sites via the WiFi connectivity.

The robot is powered by a 7.2V NiMH battery. The exterior body is made of a polyurethane foam that provides electronic protections with soft and squishy material properties. The 15-inch tall Vstone Robovie won’t come cheap, it costs around $4,500, could be the most expensive in the market but it offers lots of flexibilities for hobbyists to customize or develop it to have more functionalities.

via engadget via plasticpals

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