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WITness Watch – a modern watch uses sun dial to tell time

WITness watch with sundial on display
In the ancient days, people just used a device called sun dial to tell the position of the sun in the sky for telling the time. In the modern days, sun dial has now been incorporated into the stylish WITness watch that is presented to you here.

Apparently, the display of the WITness watch shows you a digital sun dial. The image displayed on the watch is actually a mimic of the shadow formed on the sun dial throughout the day by the movement of the sun. You can take a closer look at the picture below, which shows different positions of the shadow for different times.

Witness watch sundial shows different times with different positions of shadow
Of course, the sun dial on the WITness is much better than the ancient version, as it is also able to tell time even though it’s at night or when the sun is absent. The watch will come with a power button on the side, which a press of it will power it up and light up the display for five seconds and then will shift to the standby mode, which the watch only uses 35% of the LED power.

Currently, this WITness watch is just a concept watch designed by Hay Heun, which is also proposed to have a flexible strap and quick lock for ease of use. Anyway, the digital sun dial will be giving some difficulties to some people on reading the time – I’m one of them.

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    The WITness Watch combines old and new technology » Coolest Gadgets Says:

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  2. 2
    Clayton Abernathy Says:

    I am a watch collector, but not rolex type I like something different and one that someone says where did you get that 1 one! I would put this in that group and I would be one of the first to buy! Really cool looking and different!

  3. 3
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  4. 4
    Chetan Says:

    Can you provide information about “from where should i purchase it ?”

  5. 5
    salim Says:

    where can i buy witness watch?and how much is the cost?

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