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Modded PS3 controller for street fighter 4 with Chun Li lamination

Modder, Chiuk, was getting little bored while waiting for the Street Fighter IV to hit the US and European on 17th Feb, so he’s come out with this cool mod of a PS3 controller, dedicated to the awesome game-to-be-released.

Apparently, as shown in the picture, this special PS3 controller wad modded from a table. It shall be comfortable enough for you lay your two hands on it for firing the dragon punch or tiger uppercut. And you can place your coffee on it, sipping while playing.

This tabletop controller mod is laminated with the nice picture of Chun Li. Some more, the modder, has also used Velcro and picture hooks to shove all the wires and boxes under the table, which increases the mod’s aesthetic appeal.

ps3maven, Thanks Ben

One Response to “Modded PS3 controller for street fighter 4 with Chun Li lamination”

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    playno Says:

    Chiuk, can you please return my table stand when your done. Thanks!

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