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Hitachi Wooo H001 CellPhone features stereoscopic screen for 3D movies

Hitachi has released a new cellphone that is specially designed for watching 3D movies. The new Hitachi cell phone is codenamed Hitachi Wooo H001, which comes with a LCD screen that is specially good for watching 3D movies.

The Wooo H001 cell phone is equipped with a 3.1-inch stereoscopic screen which boasts a resolution of 854 x 480. The phone has an autofocus 5-megapixel camera, and integrated with 1Seg TV tuner. The phone is only ready for the Japanese market which is pretty obvious as the 1Seg TV broadcast is only available in Japan.

This Hitachi cellphone measures 111 x 51 x 18.6mm, other than the mentioned features, it’s also got an integrated dictionary, OCR functions, Bluetooth, IRSimple and the e-Wallet which is commonly found on Japanese cellphones. The Hitachi Wooo H001 is likely to ride on KDDI, to be released some time in February and to be available in three colors.

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5 Responses to “Hitachi Wooo H001 CellPhone features stereoscopic screen for 3D movies”

  1. 1
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  2. 2
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  3. 3
    raj Says:

    i wants to buy hitachi h001 can u plz tell me how i can buy this

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    Karin Says:

    I have also been looking for this can anybody pllease tell me where I can buy this. I live in the US

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