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Z Pen digitizes what you write on paper

Z Pen is another handy pen that captures everything that you write on paper which can then be downloaded and converted into text on computer using OCR technology.

Z Pen is equipped with a USB receiver that needs to be clipped at the top of the paper, which it will then start capturing what you write on the paper as images. Once you’ve done with your writing, just hook up the USB receiver to your computer and you can then make use of the included software to convert the images into text.

The receiver has a 1GB storage capacity which can store tons of pages of what your write. It’s powered by a 1.2V NiMH battery, which gets recharged when it’s hooked up to a USB port of your computer. The pen itself is powered by the regular button cell batteries which last for about 75 hours.

The Z Pen is definitely a handy piece for those who attend meetings very frequently and who’ve been so used to writing with a ball pen on paper. Just use it as a normal pen, it’ll capture what you write and you can then transfer it to a computer and convert it as text without having you to type it using any word processor again. But I doubt how good the OCR capability is with those who have very bad handwriting.

It’s capable of converting up 16 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean as well. The pen is refillable with standard ink, and the USB receiver is only compatible with Windows (2000/XP/Vista). Z Pen works similarly to the EPos digital pen that we’ve seen before.

Buy online, Firebox, £100 or $185

via [gadgetvenue]

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