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PHS300 Personal Hotspot – setup WiFi hotspot wherever you go

WiFi Anywhere - PHS300 Personal Hotspot
These days, geeks who’re always on the road will surely have an USB HSDPA modem or make use of their 3.5G mobile phone to get connected to the Internet. But what if you wanna bring your significant other or a few of your colleagues along? And you wish to share your Internet connection with them such as setting up a little WiFi hotspot just among few of you?

Here comes the PHS300 Personal Hotspot from CradlePoint Technology, which is such a tiny and portable gadget that you can bring along anywhere you go. And most importantly, it allows you to quickly setup a secure WiFi hotspot for you and a few of your friends to share your USB HSDPA modem or mobile phone for Internet connection.

The company claims that the personal hotspot gadget is fairly easy to setup, which in just few minutes or less then you can get it up and let your significant others to use their computer to hook up to your freshly setup WiFi hotspot. But if you don’t want everyone to mooch your WiFi, you’ll need to setup the WEP/WPA security options, which will probably take a bit longer then expected for the setup.

The personal hotspot has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can keep it running for few hours. It’s also rechargeable via your computer’s USB port. Besides, this personal hotspot can be used to charge your phone that’s connected to the USB port, but doing so will surely reduce its own battery life. The gadget is available for about $300 at Amazon. but before getting one for yourself, you’ll have to make sure your 3.5G modem or phone is compatible with it.

Buy online, Amazon, $300

via [OhGizmo]

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