Indestructible USB flash drive : Nayano Outrider

USB outrider drive
Is USB flash drive still your on-the-go data carrier or storage? If so, you’ll need one that’s durable and super rugged enough that can withstand all the harshes that you’ve been through. Nayano has created a super rugged USB flash drive, known as Nayano Outrider, which is made from metal that makes it durable and rugged. And it’s being marketed as the “Ultimate USB flash drive”.

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How to use NSLocalizedString to localize your iOS app

If you’re required to develop an iOS app to support multiple languages or localizations, you can easily use the NSLocalizedString function in objective C to do so. Localisation of your iOS app means that when a user has set to his or her own native language in the iOS’s General -> Settings -> International as shown in the screenshots above, your app is able to display those labels or texts in the set native language.

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BitGym accompanies your indoor workout with beautiful sceneries

I agree that working out at the fitness center is kinda boring. Thus I’ve chosen to work out at home by having my own stationary bike which I can still watch some TV shows during workout. But of course, I have very limited equipments at home, therefore somehow I still prefer going to the center.

Now there seems to be an interesting app or service (iOS and Android) called BitGym that pairs with your smartphones or tablets to bring you more beautiful sceneries during your indoor workout.

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