iOS 9 Content blocking will be a nightmare to Website owners

Most website owners and bloggers depend on banner advertisements as one of their revenue streams. Banner ads come in a variety of styles, which fit well with websites that come with a mobile version. The iOS & Safari has been contributing quite a high percentage of bringing traffic and ad incomes to the mobile sites. The latest report shows that iOS is the major revenue contributor although it brings less traffic than the Android counterpart. But this will no longer be true when iOS 9 arrives on the iOS devices.

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BitGym accompanies your indoor workout with beautiful sceneries

I agree that working out at the fitness center is kinda boring. Thus I’ve chosen to work out at home by having my own stationary bike which I can still watch some TV shows during workout. But of course, I have very limited equipments at home, therefore somehow I still prefer going to the center.

Now there seems to be an interesting app or service (iOS and Android) called BitGym that pairs with your smartphones or tablets to bring you more beautiful sceneries during your indoor workout.

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InstaTxtr refreshed with 9 new fonts and top Instagram hashtags for more followers and likes

InstaTxtr version 1-2-5
InstaTxtr for iPhone has been refreshed with version 1.2.5 which now comes with 9 new beautiful fonts and offers the flexibility for you to scroll through the 15 beautiful shadow fonts for adding texts over your Instagram photos. The version 1.2.5 also comes with the top Instagram hashtags which add to your photo’s caption automatically to help you attract more Instagram followers and likes. Try this new feature out, you’ll be amazed that you’ll get much more likes and followers of your photos which you could never before.

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