CHEN Bluetooth smart padlock secures luggages for travellers and help avoid excessive baggage charges

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The CHEN Bluetooth smart padlock is what the modern travellers need today, which help secure your luggages as well as weighing them to help you avoid excessive baggage charges.

The little smart padlock could pair with your smartphones, which you would be able to download its respective apps from the Apple and Google app store for your iPhone or Android devices.

The padlock simply integrates with GSM technology to keep the travellers aware of whereabout of their luggages. It can track the location of the luggages at any given time. What the travellers need is just take a look for the information on the app in their smartphones.

The padlock has an integrated weighing system which is operated through a stain gauge combined to the bluetooth module. Just lift to weigh and you’ll get the info your phone.

The concept is definitely a nice one for today’s frequent travellers but it’s not a ready product yet. It’s somehow a device that is at the stage of raising funds to make it. Head over to Kickstarter for more details or watch the video below. If you’re a frequent traveller, who’s been having some troubles with your luggages, this smart padlock could possibly help stop your problems recurring.

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