Smartphones with batteries that fully charge in 5 minutes could come next year

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Surely these days most of us can’t have our smartphones to last up till the end of the day without having to recharge it in between. But recharging your phone simply takes too long and needs at least one hour or more. Well, this could be different when the quick charging technology by an Israeli start-up StoreDot, which is claimed to be able to fully charge your smartphones in only 5 minutes and would be available next year.

The company has ever demonstrated its super fast charging technology in 2015 at CES tech show. And according to its CEO, Doron Myersdorf, the technology could enter to production as early as 2018. But technology analyst at CCS Insight still has doubts about the claim.

The quick charging technology will produce smartphone batteries that could be charged in just 5 minutes. And may also produce smartphone cases for which can charge the existing iPhones or Android phones.

There is little information about that their technology makes use of certain material that allows for non-traditional reaction that lets fast transfer of ions from anode to cathode. The design also involves nano-materials, the extremely small structure and some organic compounds.

The downside is they may produce batteries that are thicker than the current smartphones’ batteries. Therefore, in order to incorporate this fast charging technology, iPhone may need to sacrifice its compact and minimalist design.


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