Get the Light Phone, if you’re tired with your smartphone!

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Have you ever counted how much time you spend per day for gossiping on various chatting & social apps, playing games or snapping photos & videos on your smartphones? Playing too much with your smartphones could ruin your day such as you’d end up with a day of having accomplished zero task that you’ve planed. And it’ll probably even make your eyes so tired and eventually you’d probably love the idea having a phone that does nothing but only for making ore receiving calls.

Meet the Light Phone, a phone that lets you make and receive calls only, and you can’t even send or receive text with it. Apparently, the Light Phone is suitable for those who want instant communications of voice. It’s a credit-sized phone, comes in a minimalist design that has a numeric keypad only. It can only make and receive calls, display time and store up to 9 numbers only in its memory.

The Light Phone was at first a Kickstarter project and has become a ready product for sale at a price of $150. Apparently, the idea is good and has attracted enough funds & supports to materialize it. It’s definitely great for those who’re tired with their smartphones and willing to go back with a very basic phone. And also suitable for elderlies who can’t get used to using smartphones.

The device has its own unlocked SIM card that’s compatible with 2G network in the US and service is priced at $5 per month only. If you’re an existing smartphone owner, once you’ve signed up for an account, you can also install an app on your smartphone, to allow calls to be forwarded to and from the Light Phone, so you do not need a second number. This feature is also great during your busy days, you just need to bring the Light Phone out with you, so you won’t get distracted by those interesting apps or messages on your smartphone. Pre-order of Light Phone is available here


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