For the adventurous: FlameStower Fire Charger lets you charge your smartphone with camp fire

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The adventurous who love camping in the wild, will love to have this handy charger – the FlameStower Fire Charger. The charger simply needs a heat source to get your devices charged up.

The charger definitely comes in handy and even as a life saver, while you’ve lost your way and your devices are out of battery. Just get yourself a heat source such as a camp fire and hook this charger up to the heat source, then you can start charging your phone; so you can then get a map for directions to get home.

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The charger is compact enough for the adventurous ones who also have a bunch of stuff to bring along with. It needs a fire and some water to supply juice to your cameras, smartphones and tablets etc as long as they’re chargeable via USB.

The charger is designed for harsh outdoor use, it’s compact, touch and weighs a mere 10 oz. It can be folded into smaller size. When you need to use it just unfold it, add some water to its reservoir then place its blade to a fire and hook up your smart devices to it via USB. But of course, you have to take some extra precaution for not to let the charged devices be too close to the fire source to avoid unnecessary damage by heat. For a price of $100 only, you can get it from Amazon.

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