Toyota Prius updated with Prime Plug-In Hybrid and capabilities going up to 22 miles in electric-only mode

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Toyota, the car manufacturer which has gained lots of household recognitions for its hybrid series, has updated its Prius with a new variant called the Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid.

The Prius Prime is considered the 4th generation of the Prius and comes with a number of enhancements. First of all it’s a plug-in hybrid version, it comes with quad-LED lights and an updated taillight design.

This version has an improvement on its mileage on pure electricity mode, which is capable of going up to 22 miles; which makes up an an equivalent efficiency of 120MPGe. Although this isn’t any impressive figure in the competitive market but it’s good enough as a hybrid, which pure electric mode isn’t a concern.

What a hybrid car will get the owners more concerned is its capabilities to balance up between the gas and electric modes, helping to reduce oil consumption.

Inside the car has a lot more to offer for gadget and tech lovers. It’s got Qi wireless charging options for your smartphones and various smart detections including pedestrian detection, lane departure warnings and radar-based cruise control.

Personally, I’m a bit skeptical with cars come with too much high-tech sensors, as any malfunction of them will get you annoyed or probably distracted. Price isn’t yet announced by the company but it should be somewhere on par with the competitors’.


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