Heated Shiatsu Head and Neck massager to relieve your pains caused by sitting long hours

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Most office workers have long hours sitting in front the computer. For sure, the negative impacts will be making your back, head, neck and shoulder stiff. In long run this could cause other sicknesses such as consistent back pains and high blood pressure. One way to avoid causing stiffness of your neck and shoulder is taking a break every hour and have some stretching exercise.

If you’re someone overly busy who don’t even have a minute for a break then you would need to invest in this Heated Shiatsu Massage Chair, which will give your head and shoulder a good massage while you’re busily working in front of the computer.

This massage chair isn’t cheap, it costs around $170 USD but in long run it’d save up your cost of having to get masseurs out there for some good massages to relieve your stress and pains.

The massage chair comes with 3 levels of vibration. The heating effect can be turned on and off separately. The nodes for massaging your neck and lower back are adjustable to suit your preferences.

For a price of $170 USD it’s definitely much cheaper than any branded massage chairs out there. It also suits compact office environment. What you need to do is just place it on your existing office chair to keep you with good blood circulation while you work intensively. Thus preventing poor blood circulation and stress from hindering your productivity and causing long-term sickness. You can get it from Amazon

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