iOS 9 Content blocking will be a nightmare to Website owners

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Most website owners and bloggers depend on banner advertisements as one of their revenue streams. Banner ads come in a variety of styles, which fit well with websites that come with a mobile version. The iOS & Safari has been contributing quite a high percentage of bringing traffic and ad incomes to the mobile sites. The latest report shows that iOS is the major revenue contributor although it brings less traffic than the Android counterpart. But this will no longer be true when iOS 9 arrives on the iOS devices.

One of the new features of iOS 9 is Content Blocker. The Content Blocker is meant for blocking ads and blocking javascript from loading on websites based on a list that’s been set as disallowed. Of course, this feature will definitely make the users happy. As what users want when reading a website is it’s presented as clean as possible without any flashy banner ads that will sometimes mislead them to click away.

As mentioned, since Content Blocker also blocks javascript to load on websites and this will stop analytic tools such as Google Analytics to function. This will give more privacy to users as analytic tools tend to collect the interests of users to propose banner ads to them based on their interests.

ios 9 content blocker2
Of course, Content Blocker only functions when it’s enabled by the users. The beta version of the iOS 9 hasn’t yet got this function but NewMobileLife has got a version from one of the developers, Crystal, which shows a screenshot as above on how Content Blocker (just below the Block Pop-ups) can be enabled and added with a list of disallowed sites; by going to the Safari’s Settings on the iOS 9.

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