Indestructible USB flash drive : Nayano Outrider

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USB outrider drive
Is USB flash drive still your on-the-go data carrier or storage? If so, you’ll need one that’s durable and super rugged enough that can withstand all the harshes that you’ve been through. Nayano has created a super rugged USB flash drive, known as Nayano Outrider, which is made from metal that makes it durable and rugged. And it’s being marketed as the “Ultimate USB flash drive”.

usb outrider nay drive
The Nayano Outrider USB flash drive comes as a concept that lets you easily attach & re-attach a USB flash drive to your keychain. And its rugged body will not let you easily break it. If you’ve had the frustration of having broken or lost a number of USB flash drives, this will be the one that won’t let you down again.

This Nayano drive is now on Kickstarter, raising some fund, hoping to make it materialized. It’ll come with a number of storage capacities including the 16GB, 32GB & 64GB. And it’ll support USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 too. Furthermore, you can get your own custom logo to be laser engraved and screenprinted on it.

More info is as follows:

Store, share, and transfer your files with the Nayano Outrider, the flash drive that allows you to quickly detach it from your keychain to wherever you need it, and then re-attach it back on, instantly. The ultimate USB flash is made of a durable metal housing, that is fast and will last. Lost drives, broken drives, and drives that take time to detach are now a thing of the past. The capless swivel design prevents lost caps, and allows for safe transporting. The innovative grip allows for easy opening. The rationale is simple:

Get a flash drive that won’t get lost and will last long, instead of spending less and having to constantly replace one. In the long run you save time, money, and peace of mind, knowing you’ll have your drive by your side.

Or head over to Kickstarter for more info.

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