People start dropping whatsapp for telegram after whatsapp got acquired by FB?

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WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook for a jaw-dropping 19B usd and surprisingly after the acquisition that a not so well known instant messaging app has got a huge boost for download. According to TechCruch it’s got a surge of download of up to 8M in a week

Telegram isn’t so publicly known to many. The app itself has got more or less same user interface as whatapps’ on iOS 7. But you don’t get as many friends using it as you do with whatsapp as it’s less popular.

But it’s got something that the whatsapp doesn’t have including being able to search images from the web right from the app, being able to upload other file types or ducuments such as PDF , windows media file , or word and being able to share your location right away from the app itself etc. All these can’t be done using WhatsApp. The above screen shows you the difference between uploading from whatsapp and telegram on the iOS 7. The left one is the whatsapp while the right one is Telegram.

But what’s lacking from telegram is it doesn’t have ability to let you voice chat (the walkie-talkie way) which whatsapp had implemented after seeing a success on WeChat. Anyway, if you don’t feel comfortable of everything goes to a big brand like Facebook then Telegram will be the choice. It’s free for download from the Apple App Store. Getting started with it is very similar to other messaging apps like whatsapp.

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