BitGym accompanies your indoor workout with beautiful sceneries

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I agree that working out at the fitness center is kinda boring. Thus I’ve chosen to work out at home by having my own stationary bike which I can still watch some TV shows during workout. But of course, I have very limited equipments at home, therefore somehow I still prefer going to the center.

Now there seems to be an interesting app or service (iOS and Android) called BitGym that pairs with your smartphones or tablets to bring you more beautiful sceneries during your indoor workout.

Basically, BitGym is loaded with stunning Virtual Active catalog of interactive trail and road tours, which virtually brings you around the world during your exercise. It’s as if running through the Swiss Alps from your living room or biking down the California coast during your lunch break.

The BitGym app simply makes use of your smartphone’s or tablet’s front facing camera to deliver interesting and beautiful virtual sceneries during your workout.

The Virtual Active tours bring roaring rivers, windswept deserts and chattering cities to life with dynamic audio which respond to your position and speed in the scene.

Additionally you can play any music or podcasts from you device and layer it over the environmental audio.

BitGym is an app that needs your subscription to continuously deliver you interesting activities for your exercise. BitGym will cost $8 a month, and it’s currently a proposed concept at Kickstart which is trying to raise as much as $14K. If you love the idea for a more fun workout, head over to Kickstarter for a back.

A founding member will get a special rate of $5 a month indefinitely.All backers at or above the $34 tier will become founding members. Founding memberships also come with free access to the beta and 6 months of membership following the public release.

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