Mojo Refuel battery case for iPhone 5

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There are many battery cases for your iPhone 5 out there but Mojo Refuel by iBattz claims to make a difference. This battery case gives both protection and extended power for your iPhone 5, great for on-the-go users who have heavy consumption on video, 3G connectivity, games that will drain lots of juice.

Features at a glance are as follows:

-Uses a removable snap-in 2200 mAh interchangeable battery, so you always have a spare
-The affordable spare batteries (i9300) are the same batteries used in the Galaxy S3 and can be purchased on Amazon
-It is eco-friendly: no need to charge the whole case, instead you can charge just the battery unit
-Offers screen protection with its wrapped bumper lip and stress absorbing case
-Cuts charging time in half (roughly 4 hours) when compared to a standard 500 mAh battery

You can get it from iBattz store as well for a price of $90.

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