Call Control blocks unwanted spam calls

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Hate those cold callings or spam calls? Now there is an ingenious device called Call Control which can help you block unwanted telemarketing or robocalls to your home telephone. The device simply works like a spam filter for calls.

Call Controll simply plugs into your home telephone set and lets you block unwanted telemarketing and robocalls by crowdsourcing spam callers and blocking the bad ones automatically.

Features at a glance are as follows:

– Blocks thousands of spam calls tracked by our Community Blacklist.
– Automatically updated with new spam callers.
– Personal Blacklist – Block your ex, debt collectors, ANYONE!
– Scheduling – Set up specific times when it is ok and not ok for your phone to ring.
– Blocked Call Handling – Choose whether to disconnect blocked calls or send them to voicemail.
– Web and App Management – Slick and easy web and app interface makes managing your personal lists and settings a snap.
– Easy to Install – Easy to install and one device can be used for your entire home or business.

The device is now at its fund-raising stage needing your back, who hate spam calls! Find out more on Kickstarter.

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