CarCam Recorder CCR2000 equipped with G-sensor tech makes driving safe

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An in-car camera known as CarCam Recorder CCR2000, comes equipped with full HD video recording capabilities, perfect for capturing evidence in the case of emergencies.

The CCR2000 is also best for recording scenic drives, improving security on the go. The recorder is great at capturing video at a full HD 1920×1080 resolution based on H.264 compression, allowing for a longer capture time and auto looping recording.

The camera is equipped with various features including a wide angle lens at 120 degrees for recording at full HD (140 degrees at 720p) and a G sensor to detect collision. The camera also saves the recording during an accident and prevents it from being overwritten or erased.

Other goodies are an 8GB sd card allowing for up to 250 mins of recording, hdmi output for connection to HD display, built-in Lithium ion battery for recording without power source connected, built-in mic for recording sounds and conversations, auto video stabilization and sharpening and in a compact size of 3.18 x × 2.36 × 2.29 inches. It’s a product of Sceptre and should be available in various stores later such as Amazon.

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