BlueReach transforms 30-pin iOS speaker dock into a wireless Bluetooth speaker

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You may have a bunch of iOS accessories especially those 30-pin speaker docks that you’ve previously purchased for your old iPhone 4 or 4S. But since the introduction of the new lighting connector of iPhone 5 and iPad 4, those speaker docks have become little useless unless you use the converter. But this doesn’t give you the flexibility of switching of docking different generations of device on it.

Here comes the savior which will make your 30-pin speaker dock alive and more usable. A product called BlueReach by Pyle which simply transforms the 30-pin speaker dock into a wireless Bluetooth speaker; making it usable with all generations of iPhones and iPads.

The BlueReach is priced at $67 and available on PyleAudio. It offers a wireless range of up to 33 feet. Features at a glance are as follows:

• Easily connect the adapter to change a common 30-pin docking station into a wireless Bluetooth audio device and control the system from your portable device

• 33-foot wireless range to play your favorite songs on your device through a Bluetooth connection

• Supports Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Bluetooth PC, PSP and many more

• Complies with Bluetooth 2.0, Plug and Play. Support A2DP V1.2, compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth

• 3.5mm input allows for direct audio input into an Apple only 30-pin docking source

• 3 Level LED illumination to confirm visual Bluetooth Interface (Red/Blue/Flashing Blue)

• Model # PBTR70 • Dimensions: 2.15”H x 2.15”W x 0.45”D

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