Apple to release iPhone 5S with combined Plug-Stopper-SIM-Eject-Tool

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Rumors have been rolling again many times about the iPhone 5S – which is deemed to come with various improvements over the existing iPhone 5. Such as NFC is one of the most anticipated features to be incorporated into the upcoming generation of Apple iPhone.

Tips received from claiming they’ve had meetings with various Chinese iPhone and accessories makers, saying the upcoming iPhone 5S will be released with a combined Plug-Stopper-SIM-Eject-Tool.

The said Plug-Stopper-SIM-Eject-Tool is a 2-in-1 tool and meant to replace the liquid metal eject tool and it’ll be made with the same aluminum color matching the iPhone.

The new eject tool has a number of advantages over the existing one. Such as it prevents your iPhone’s audio jack from collecting dust as it’s supposed to be plugged into the audio jack while it’s not in use. This helps keep it with you always, great for business travelers who might always be forgetful to bring along the SIM needle/eject tool and constantly need it when wanting to switch SIM cards.

With this tool , it provides a little convenience for business travelers to switch sim. And it may win the love of Asian business travelers who prefer dual-sim smartphones which are more convenient for switching SIM.

Pictures attached are non-official. What’s shown is just an aftermarket prototype developed by a Chinese manufacturer based on this leaked intel from FoxConn.

Anyway, the solution could be neat but I do foresee a downside ie it adds extra length while the iPhone 5S is in your pocket and some more you may also misplace it while you’ve got it off when the audio jack is in use for listening to music.

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