Luxi incident light meter pairs with your iPhone to give you best exposure while shooting with your DSLR

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If you’ve been finding difficulties to get the best exposure while taking certain sceneries with your DSLR, here comes Luxi, an incident light meter that promises to help you master the exposure adjustment of your DSLR. Although DSLR comes with a built-in light meter but the Luxi promises to do things differently, i.e. by measuring the amount of light falls on the subject you’re photographing instead of the lights that it reflects. This offers you the most accurate measure of taking perfectly exposed pictures.

The built-in light meter of a DSLR measures the reflected light on a subject and this is only accurate when the subject is under average lighting situation. But if you’re taking photo without average lighting then the built-in light meter of your camera will mislead you to produce either an overexposed or underexposed photo. Situations without average lighting include sunset and other situations with strong back-lighting. With the Luxi, you can take photos of the said situations with perfect exposure.

Luxi attaches to iPhone front camera
Luxi needs to be attached to the front-facing camera of your iPhone and used with a light meter iOS app to tell you the best settings of exposure while taking photos with your DSLR. Luxi captures light up to 180 degrees, while an iPhone with a light meter iPhone app (without Luxi) only captures a limited angle of light. With Luxi, you can turn your iPhone into a professional incident light meter and at a much lower cost than any professional incident light meter out there.

What’s more? Since Luxi simply attaches to your iPhone’s front camera, which also means that you do not have to bring along additional gear such as an incident light meter. Just your iPhone and your camera, you’re capable of capturing beautiful sunset portraits with perfect exposure.

Luxi is definitely an ingenious idea, which will help many photographers and save their time for having to tweak exposure. But Luxi is currently just a project which needs your backup on Kickstarter to become materialized. It’ll retail for a highly affordable price of $25 when it’s ready for sale later.

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