iDoc24 iOS app tells if you’ve got STD from the photos of skin problem

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STD triage iPhone app
If you’ve been sexually active and you’re worried that you’ve been infected by STD, you can now make use of an iOS app to check the photos of your skin and then tell you if you’re infected. If you have strange rash “down there” or bumps on certain area of your skin,then you could be an STD carrier. There are 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reported each year and you could be one of the millions. But of course, you might also be worried that your spouse would get to know your “secret”, but now with the iDoc24 STD Triage app, you can just simply send over the photos of your skin and have them checked remotely by a licensed dermatologist within 24 hours.

The iDoc24 iOS app offers a service that lets you send images of any skin problem anonymously. The app is free and uploading the photos of your skin is also free, but you have to pay $9.99/photo if you want to know the dermatologist’s answer. Your privacy is definitely safe, since you can remain anonymous when uploading the images. The service behind doesn’t need any of your personal information such as name, email or health records etc when you’re uploading images. However, you have an option to provide your email when you want an answer from the doctor. The service also promises to delete the email once the case has been answered and no information is stored by it.

The app is currently incapable of automatic image analysis. The reason behind is of course, algorithmic analysis will usually yield a very low percentage of accuracy. Therefore, the analysis is to be done by doctors behind it. The iDoc24 iOS app is now available on Apple App store, get it now, if you’ve been worried about your skin problem these days.

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