The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is not as good as you think

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has been announced officially but unfortunately its specs are not on par with what the larger 4.8-inch brother has. Of course it isn’t an iPhone 5 killer as it’s simply a mid-range phone

Specs wise, the Sansung Galaxy S3 Mini is powered by a dual core 1Ghz processor which is apparently less powerful than the original Galaxy S3. Many expected that the Galaxy S3 Mini to be a smartphone having the same power with the original S3 but with a smaller 4-inch screen to rival with the iPhone 5. Unfortunately it’s a different phone having lower hardware specs.

The S3 Mini comes with a 4-inch lower-res 800×480 super Amoled display. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes in dimensions of 121.55mm tall, 63mm wide and 9.85mm deep. And it weighs slightly lighter than the iPhone 5 at 111.5 grams while the iPhone weighs at 112 grams.

There are a number of downsizing of the S3 Mini from the original S3, including 8MP rear facing camera has been slashed down to 5MP, front facing camera reduced to VGA only from 1.9MP and it doesn’t support 4G LTE connectivity.

It’s got a 1,500mAH battery which is considered small. It’ll be available in two versions 8GB and 16GB. It supports memory expansion via microSD and NFC and comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. Ibtimes has more details of it being compared with the iPhone 5.


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