Pogo Connect Bluetooth pen for iPad now available for pre-order

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Pogo Connect is a useful Bluetooth pen that’s great for you who’ve been using your iPad as a drawing or writing pad.

The Pogo Connect is a product of Ten One Design which pairs with the iPad wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0

This Bluetooth pen also comes with a magnetic system which allows the included tip to be easily removed while also keeping the tip securely in place. The company will also roll out interchangeable tips in the future allowing you to style the Pogo Connect with different lovely hats. The Pogo Connect can now be preordered from Ten One Design. Watch a clip of it in action here

Pogo Connect expands on the benefits of Bluetooth 4.0, pairing directly and effortlessly with the iPad to offer full pressure sensitivity, palm rejection capabilities and more.

The first-of-its-kind Pogo Connect sports a wild new patent pending technology, Crescendo Sensor, making the tip highly responsive to pressure and recognizing even the slightest touch. With zero grams of activation force, Crescendo Sensor works at all angles and requires absolutely no calibration, providing hundreds of levels of pressure. Plus, the solid state design means no moving parts, making the stylus incredibly reliable.

By capturing the nuances of any drawing, novice and professional artists alike can easily create detailed, multifaceted digital paintings in a matter of minutes. By applying more or less pressure, users can control line width and opacity of a drawn line. Plus, its palm rejection feature keeps drawings clear of unnecessary and unwanted marks, smudges, blots and more from hands resting on the screen during drawing sessions.

The intelligent stylus also features a special LED light that app developers can utilize for various applications. Most simply, the LED light lets the user know when the device has been successfully paired with iPad.

Pogo Connect is supported by 16 compatible apps so far, most of which are live and ready today. Apps include: Brushes, Zen Brush, PDFpen for iPad, Procreate, FlipBook HD, Sketch Club, SketchBook Pro, Art Studio, Good Notes, Colors, Paper by FiftyThree, Noteshelf, NotePad Pro, NoteBinder, IbisPaint and ArtRage.

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