Instacube – a digital photo frame dedicated for your Instagram photo feeds

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Instacube is a little digital photo frame that allows you to show off your Instagram photo feeds to your mama or granny. The device is a cube that comes in dimensions of 7.5-inch x 7.5-inch x 2.5 inch. Apparently, it’s kind of portable for keeping it in your bag and showing off your Instagram photo feeds while on the go.

The device has a 6.5 inch LCD touchscreen which offers a resolution of 600×600 and almost matches the full resolution (612×612) of the photos on Instagram.

You can tap between pictures on the touchscreen and type when needed. There are three physical buttons as well which are meant for power, switching feeds and liking photos. It should be more fun to like photos on a such a bigger device than your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The unit is also capable of following multiple Instagram feeds according to your specified hash tags and automatically cycling through the images.

The Instacube runs Android as its OS but no words on its version. Other goodies packed inside the Instacube are an undisclosed ARM processor, 4GB of storage, 256MB of RAM and WiFi connectivity keeping it connected with Instagram. Instacube is currently a Kickstarter project at its fund-raising stage. So, Instagrammers, back them up at a minimum pledge of $1 only, if you wish to see the Instacube becomes a reality.

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