Guitar Pee – a gaming urinal lets you play guitar while you pee

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Urinal can be a fun gameplay station and it’s not the first time we’ve seen such a silly idea. Here comes another more fun way of playing guitar with the urinal, which is called Guitar Pee, a gaming urinal that lets you play guitar using your urine stream.

The gaming urinal has been designed and installed by Billboard Music Brasil in their office. Basically playing the guitar with your urine stream isn’t too difficult. There are different wires placed in the urinal, so you just need to control your urine stream to hit those wires to produce various notes.

Some people like to whistle some music while peeing. But with the Guitar Pee urinal you can simply churn out some notes without having to whistle. What’s more amazing is the Guitar Pee urinal is able to record the notes “composed” by your urine stream into MP3 format, which you can then download it after you’ve done. This would be useful and inspirational for music composers who’re temporarily short of ideas.

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