The Kick – pocket-sized lighting for your iPhone for taking better quality images

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Instagrammers who want to take better photos to wow their IG friends, may find the flash on their iPhone or Android smartphones insufficient to meet their expectations. Soon, there will be an affordable gear which is known as the Kick that will help bring better quality of photo taking or video shooting, by offering the flexibility of applying different light effects.

The Kick is a handheld camera light that allows you to have different light effects while shooting photos. You can easily adjust the light to have warmer or cooler color temperature. Such as a little warmer will make skin tones to look nicer.

The Kick, when combined with your iPhone can produce better picture with your desired effects right away. This eliminates the hassles of having to use various photo-editing iOS apps to add different effects or enhance those shots before uploading or sharing.

Of course, the Kick also comes with the Kick app which is capable of sampling light from any of the photos or videos on your iPhone or sampling it right away from your iPhone’s camera. And the sampled light effects can be stored for later use. This is definitely cool as it allows you to create your own light effects.

The Kick also comes with a number of built-in effects including Rainbow, Strobe, or Mood, Cannon, Fire, Lightning storm etc. The Kick is not limited to your smartphones, it can be used with digital cameras, anytime that you need better or fancy light effects for taking better photos.

The Kick is currently just at its stage of raising fund at Kickstarter. There will be two versions, a basic version costs you $99 while the Plus version costs $149, which comes with WiFi and the Kick iPhone app. A clip is included below showing the Kick in action.

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