Gizmon clip-on lenses enhance your iPhone camera

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Gizmon has got three handy clip-on lenses for those who love shooting pictures with different effects using their iPhone or iPad. The three clip-on lenses are a Fisheye, a Circular Polarizer and a 3-Image Mirage and each of them can easily clip onto your iPhone.

There are iPhone cases out there that come with built-in lens but they will turn out to be much more bulky which can’t fit your tight jeans pocket. The clip-on lenses here will be a much better option as they don’t add bulk to your iPhone. But of course, you need to carry them around with you.

The Gizmon lenses are useful for Instagrammers who want to shoot some photos with amazing effects that are not achievable by software filters to wow your IG friends. The Gizmon clip-on lenses cost you $35 each and they can be purchased here.

via gizmodo

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