WWDC 2012 – Apple unveils iOS 6 with Facebook integration, Do NOT Disturb, Siri’s app-launching ability, maps and more

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Apple has unveiled the new generation of iOS – the iOS 6 and there are 200 new things in it. And the prominent ones are Facebook integration, Siri’s ability to launch apps and with more knowledge, Do NOT Disturb mode and new navigation maps.

The Facebook integration on the iOS 6 allows websites, photos, maps etc viewed on your iPhone or iPad to get instant share option. And you can share or like apps from the Apple app store.

Siri will also be capable of launching apps in iOS 6 and it’ll have more knowledge of restaurants, sports and movie times. The new Do NOT Disturb feature will be most useful to me, as I always get disturbed by cold callings or notifications of incoming texts or apps while taking a nap. The Do NOT Disturb app allows you to send your iPhone into a complete silent mode, which holds off all those notification. But you’ll still get them but they won’t alert or light up the screen.

Apple has included their own-developed maps in iOS 6 which is deemed having more than 100 million businesses already integrated. And there will be live traffic info and turn-by-turn navigation in the works. Directions will also be viewable on the locked screen which you can get Siri to get it. There will also be vector 3D map when you zoom in close.

Other goodies of the iOS 6 are Facetime will be able to work over cellular instead of WiFi only. Shared Photo Streams allow you to share photos more easily, just choose your photos and chose your friends. And a new “Guided Access” to prevent you from exiting an app accidentally.

The iOS 6 is supported by iPhone 3GS and upwards, iPad 2, new iPad (iPad 3) and the iPod Touch 4G. Beta version is going out today and a full release is expected in the fall. More info on engadget

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