CooKoo watch keeps you connected with your smartphone right on your wrist

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We’ve seen quite a number of Bluetooth watches that pair with your smartphones right on your wrist. But the CooKoo watch makes a big difference here as it comes in a stylish design that makes it much more wearable as a fashionable watch instead of just being a geeky one. And it eliminates the hassles of having to recharge it. It simply works like a regular watch that requires no recharging!

What’s great about the CooKoo watch is it keeps you connected with your smartphone i.e. keeping you alerted with your incoming and missed calls, text/SMS messages, FB chats and messages, emails and reminders. You can easily configure what alerts you want via the Connected app which is to be installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Inspired by the designer’s grandmother’s German cuckoo clocks, the CooKoo watch presents you an analog watch face. It offers the most expected for watch wearers including being readable at a glance, not requiring recharging (it uses CR2032 button-cell battery that can last up to a year and is easily replaceable), durable and wearable anytime and anywhere. Alerts are presented to you with various intuitive icons on the watch face. A clip is included below showing how it works.

It’s also equipped with a Command button that makes it easier for you to check in on Facebook, tag your current location on the Connected App’s map, where you can later add notes, pictures and share them. The command button also allows the watch to function as a remote for your smartphone while taking group pictures.

The CooKoo watch is a fund-raising project on Kickstarter and has surpassed its goal of $150K and will hit the store this fall. Check it out on Kickstarter on how to order yours.

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