Wahoo Blue SC – Bluetooth 4.0 Bike Speed & Cadence Sensor for iPhone

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Here comes an easy way to track your workout through your cycling route, if you own an iPhone and the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC. The Wahoo Blue SC is a compact, little device that pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology to track your critical cycling data.

The Wahoo Blue SC works with top cycling iOS apps including Cyclemeter and Strava. It’s equipped with bike speed and cadence sensor which works as a perfect cycling tracking system while paired with your iPhone. It’s able to provide all the critical workout data you need including speed, cadence, location, map, time, pace, calories, workout history and you name it.

Fetaures at a glance are as follows:

• Pairs with your favorite cycling app to track speed & cadence data wirelessly on your iPhone.
• Records lifetime bike mileage by week, month, and year – even when not connected to the iPhone.
• Replaceable battery requires no charging between rides for up to 2 years.
• Works seamlessly with Wahoo Fitness and Wahoo Fitness Odometer Apps, as well as top cycling apps including Cyclemeter, Strava Cycling and more.
• Connects wirelessly to the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, no additional hardware required.

The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is now available for $60 only on wahoofitness.com

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