HTC One X is super tough, usable as a hammer!

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There are times you need a hammer for some quicky carpenter work. If you can’t find a hammer around and you own an HTC One X smartphone, you can then use it as a hammer temporally. As it’s been proven that it’s tough enough to be used as a hammer. An HTC engineer has demonstrated it how he used the HTC One X to hammer nails into a piece of wood without damaging the phone.

A video of the HTC One X’s hammering action was first uploaded to YouTube but then taken down. Luckily a Chinese video hosting website managed to get a copy. The reason why it was taken down was HTC was unhappy with the video and the poor engineer got fired.

Perhaps the company thinks that the act might have degraded the value of the phone – nailing it down as a totally unappreciated device. Anyway, watch the clip below before it gets taken down again.

via geeky-gadgets

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