Samsung announces ChromeBox and ChromeBook series 5 550 laptops

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Web-based OS, Google Chrome-powered laptops from Samsung have been announced in the US, coming in the forms of ChromeBox and ChromeBook series 5 550. The web-based OS means you just need to use the Google Chrome browser to use various web-based apps. It’s advisable to have the RAM of these Chrome-based laptops upgraded to the 4GB especially you’re one who loves opening many tabs on the Chrome browser for browsing.

The Samsung ChromeBook Series 5 550 laptop is based on the Intel Celeron processors which should be fine for most text-based pages. But the web apps are offered in a wide range, including 2D game like Zynga’s CastleVille, which can use up quite a lote of resources Рabout 25% of the CPU resources of an Intel 6-Core i7 3960X at 3.3-3.9GHz processor.

Since the two laptops are meant for the web, they have very little internal storage as those web apps will have your data stored on the cloud. The advantage is you get to access the same data from anywhere from any device. But the downside is you always need to an Internet connection – and a faster is better in order not to feel “laggy” while accessing your data from the cloud. More info are on the official pages of the Chrome Series 5 and ChromeBox.

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