Foco enhances sound for your new iPad and iPad 2

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The new iPad aka iPad 3 offers you super high resolution of graphics + videos but its sound might not be up to your satisfactory level. If you’re one those unsatisfied with the sound of your new iPad or iPad 2, soon, there will be a novelty solution for it – the Foco!.

Foco is the Spanish word for “Focus”. It’s just a low-cost accessory that cleverly makes use of simple principles of physics to enhance the sound for your new iPad or iPad 2. Sound gets reflected and redirected by Foco allowing your iPad to deliver enhanced and richer sound for your gameplays, movies, apps and you name it.

Foco simply comes in a tiny form factor, just clips on one side of your iPad which doesn’t add bulk and gives NO hassles of other sound-enhancing solutions which need you to carry around additional devices. The pictures attached show how it’s used with your iPad with a case or without a case.

Some more, Foco will be made with very dense plastic and a specially formulated PU pad, allowing it to be very effective, portable and stylish. Clips are included below showing Foco in action.

Foco is currently a project on Kickstarter at its fund-raising stage. Just pledge as little as $8 and $21 to get one and three Foco respectively when it’s a finished product.

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