Xenon LED illuminated USB charging cable for your iPhone and iPad

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There are times you need to work in the dark and have your iPhone or iPad recharged at the same time. No matter what the reason is, having an illuminated USB recharging cable for your iOS device is definitely cool.

The Xenon LED illuminated USB charging cable shows you with streaming LEDs when your iPhone or iPad is drawing power and being charged. This definitely looks great in the dark.

When the iPhone or iPad is fully charged, the streaming LEDs will turn off, letting you be aware even from afar that your device is fully charged. Two versions of the illuminated USB charging cable are available – a regular USB and a microUSB version. And the other end of the cable is the 30-pin connector for your iOS device.

The illuminated USB recharging cable can be had from Japan Trend Shop for $57 each. A clip is included below showing you how cool it is with the streaming LED lights.

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