Fitbit Ultra helps you keep fit and burn more calories with your iPhone

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To keep yourself fit, you have to cut down cake and carry out more workout with consistency. But there is also an alternative besides workout and reducing foods, i.e. increase your daily activities such as climb more stairs instead of taking elevator.

Here comes the Fitbit Ultra which is a little handy personal trainer, that simply clips on your belt or pocket, keeps you aware of your daily activities and how much calories that you’ve burned in your days. With this little gadget, you’ll be aware of whether you should increase or keep with the same pace in your daily activities.

The Fibit Ultra simply logs your activities and you can even use it to track your sleep pattern. The little device is equipped with built-in accelerometer that lets it perform its jobs with precision. The data logged by Fitbit Ultra can be uploaded to, allowing you to manage your BMI, set fitness goals and manage your diet.

The Fitbit Ultra now even offers more details of analysis and tracking by pairing with your iPhone through the free Fitbit iOS app. Want one? You can have the Fitbit Ultra from Firebox for a price around USD $128 (£80)

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